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Persistence, Beta-Readers, and Keep Writing...

Sorry to have been silent for so long, things had gotten pretty chaotic around here. As you may remember, my laptop suffered a serious infection from which it was not recovering, so I had to wait and get a new one.  This was back in October.  In December I finally got a new one.  But by then, finals and term papers were due at college so that kept me busy.  Then came the holidays, which were wonderful thank you, I hope it was the same for all of you.  During all this I did another two drafts of my Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi novel "The Bridge" in order to get the word count below 100,000.  I believe I mentioned before that for a brand new author, under 100K words is desirable.  Remember you don't have a track record for the agents and publishers to look at, and they don't time to read a new book that is longer than War and Peace.  So I finally completed the 7th draft just after New Year's Day.  (Mind you, my goal had been to finish it by the end of 2010, oh well).  An