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My Most Recent Big Adventure...

Until recently, I've always done all my audio recording at my home studio. But I needed some professional demo recordings which brought me to Reeds Recording and the awesome Adam who was the recording technician that day. Now, what brought all this about?  Well even though I've already recorded 4 audiobooks on Audible, I have never done voice work for commercials or documentaries and such. And for those, I needed to learn some new skills and techniques, as well as a better understanding of what the industry is looking for in voice over talents. So I got myself some professional voice over training through "Such A Voice", who paired me up my coaches Ed Renninger, Justine Reiss, my director Nancy Wilson, and my tech advisor Ben Marney. These people made a such a difference in how I do voice work now, and I cannot thank them all enough. Where do I go from here? Well, one step at a time. First I'm going to be putting up a web page and loading my demos, as well as some