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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men... Then There's Me and My Hopes for 2022!

 A whole year of planning, working, sweating, and it still wasn't enough.  For those who are wondering, I'm referring to my unabridged dramatic reading of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". My plan was to unveil the finished project as a picture book on YouTube. Besides spending hours recording voices, some sound effects, finding music in public domain, as well as dozens of images (also in the public domain) created over the last 150 years since the book's creation... and I still couldn't quite get it across the Finish Line. At least not in time for this Christmas.  All I have left to do is film an opening and closing to the project, but between work and other audio and writing projects, I just couldn't do it justice this year.  Now some of you might be asking yourselves, why? Why was this so important to you?  After all, there are so many versions available of the story available on YouTube, streaming services, Blue-Ray, DVD, etc.  Well the answer is, n

Sound Sample Saturday - Merry Christmas Edition

  Hello everyone, Santa left one more chapter of "Forever Festive" for you here on the blog, so here is a full 1/2 hour chapter of Rafael and Clara arriving at his childhood home and getting quite the welcome.  Enjoy... Chapter 3 - Parental Warning You can get "Forever Festive" (or any/all of the Forever Detective Books) right now in e-book or a trade paperback (at Amazon and Barnes and Noble) at the links below: Amazon Link: AmazonUK Link: AmazonCA Link: AmazonAU Link: Smashwords Links: Barnes and Noble Link: Kobo Link: Apple Books Link: ‎

An Early Christmas Gift...

Christmas is only a week away, and Santa told me you've all been very good this year. So with Helen's permission, I'm sharing the 1st and 2nd audio chapters I narrated of   "Forever Festive" , the 4th book in her Forever Detective Series, which is available now for Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Nook, and Trade Paperback.  Unfortunately, due to time and work constraints, I'm still editing the last few chapters of the full audiobook itself, which means that version will not be available until early next month. In the meantime, we both wanted to give you these chapters as a sample of what you can expect in her vampire detective's first holiday adventure. Enjoy...  Chapter 1 - "Harold T Angel" Chapter 2 - "Appropriate Decor" You know books make a great gift, or nice little something to fill some stockings, and you can get "Forever Festive" (or any/all of the Forever Detective Books) right now in e-book or a trade paperback (at Amazon and