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A Time For Reflection and Plotting the Year Ahead

Happy New Year everyone! Yes, I know it was a couple of days ago, but I'm still wishing you all the best for this new year.  Like most people, I'm taking a look back at 2020 and what I managed to accomplish in spite of all the chaos we've experienced with this Pandemic. Helen and I have been extremely cautious to avoid getting it since both of us have conditions which would likely land us in the hospital if we were to catch Covid - 19. And here in California where we are, the ICU's are currently filled and overflowing.  Mind you, I've been working full-time for the county in spite of the situation. So I haven't had extra time to work on personal projects as much as one might expect. Still, I did manage to get a number of projects completed in 2020.  For starts, I managed to get my first audiobook narration out on Audible Amazon Link:  Forever's Too Long (Audible) I also created my 2nd and 3rd book trailers (both for Helen's "Forever Detective Series