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Take Another Sneak Peek Into “The Pass” If You Dare…

Greetings one and all. And welcome back to the blog. Sorry to keep you all waiting, but last weekend got a bit crazy around here. Nevertheless, we're back with another Sneak Peek Saturday edition for you.  Continuing with "The Pass" coming next month, we realized that last time we'd introduced you all to a couple of our protagonists, so it's only fair this week we introduce you to two the villains of this piece.  So, without further ado, sit back and meet two very unsavory, and disturbing men who each has their own secret agenda in this story. Enjoy...         Some five hundred yards away, a man bundled in furs, lowered his still smoking Mississippi rifle. “Sorry, Jake, old boy. But business is business. And if you made it out of here alive, you’d be able to claim cousin Amanda’s inheritance which would’ve been bad business for me,” he sighed. In the distance, he could hear the baby’s wail.             Immediately he began reloading.             From out of t

Take a Sneak Peek Into "The Pass" If You Dare...

Okay, the countdown to the release of "The Pass" is on! Which means it's time for Sneak Peek Saturdays!  From here on out, up until the book's release, we'll be bringing you peeks into this brand-new novel (which FYI, is the first installment of a trilogy of books). Originally, Rich and I had planned on just one fairly good-sized book, but soon the story and the characters kept growing to the point we began talking about making it a two-volume tale. But of course, again the story kept expanding to where we finally said "FINE! We'll make it a trilogy... OKAY?" That seemed to satisfy our two muses. At least for now. There's a good possibility that further stories involving some if not most of these characters may be looming large in the future. But for now, we just have this one rather epic tale for you. And like any good epic, it contains a number of key and supporting characters. So, we've decided to take advantage of Sneak Peek Saturdays to


 It's been several years since I released any books myself, as I've been mostly focused on voiceover work and recording the first 4 books of Helen's "Forever Detective" series (I'm currently recording the voiceover for her most recent novel "Forever Chosen" and her anthology "W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever"). However, this does not mean I have not been writing during that period of time. In fact I've been doing quite a bit of writing, along with editing and formatting all of Helen's books, along with my other collaboration with my old high school friend Rich Caminiti. And at long last, Rich and I are ready to present the cover of the first installment of a brand-new series of novels. And here it is... This beautiful cover was created by the very talented Gabrielle (Gabby) Callan, who in addition to being a fabulous artist, has recently added talented tattoo artist to her list of artistic talents. But in addition to creating this gor