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Good news... I posted another sectionn of my novel

College has been keeping me pretty busy so I haven't had as much time to post  anything about writing here.  I hope to do so soon, after this weekend specifically.  I've got 3 tests coming up next week, 2 on Monday and 1on Thursday, plus an on-line exam for the weekend.  Whew! In the meantime I've posted another piece from my horror/sci-fi/mystery novel at my other blog.  Hope you enjoy it gang.   Keep writing.

Link to Another Scene from my Novel "The Bridge"

Just a quick post here.  I put up the link where you can read another scene from my horror/mystery/sci-fi novel "The Bridge".  I'll be posting here about writing again soon.  I'm using the other blog mostly to post samples of my works, both completed and still in progress.  I hope you get a chance to check them about.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Musings on 1st Drafts and Editing

I have a Writer's Page on  Facebook, where I post whatever progress I made on my writing.  So the other day I looked at several of my recent entries where I talk about how much progress I was making.  I was counting how many words per day I had written and this sounded really good.  But when I went back to the novel itself it felt like I hadn't made a lot of progress after all.  This puzzled me exceedingly so I started to think about it.  As I did so my eyes focused on the novel in progress and I spotted several areas where I needed to fix a problem.  That's when I had a "Light Bulb Moment", I was editing while I was still creating the first draft.  Not a bad thing in and of itself, but I had been doing this almost constantly.  Each day I'd go back to see what I had done when I left off in order to recapture the mood and the moment and I wound up doing bunch of 'repairs' before moving on.  Now don't get me wrong, it's important to make sure t

Quick Note About My Other Blog...

I posted another section of my novel "The Bridge" at my WordPress Blog.  You can check it out by clicking on this link: Hope you all enjoy it.  I'll be posting a new blog entry here shortly.  Stay tuned.