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It's that time of year again...

Tomorrow my summer vacation is officially over.  Not that I've had a lot of vacation time per se.  I was doing intern work at a Center for  Domestic Violence over most of the summer.  I had a couple of weeks to myself, but tomorrow I go back to college.  And what a way to start things.  I have 4 classes tomorrow.  The first one starts at 9:30AM and the last one ends at 9:00PM.  I'll be taking a heavier load this time.  This is so that I can finish my major and get a B. S. in Human Services and several certificates by December.  Great way to end the year and give myself an early X-mas present. But even then it's not over.  Oh no.  I'm already approved for more Pell Grant money for another semester so I'll be taking some evening courses in order to make myself prepped to transfer to a four year college IF I choose to do so.  In the meantime I'll be looking for a regular job.  UNLESS of course I get an agent and my books take off like gangbusters and Hollywood st

Musings on writing and a Rubik's cube...

Any other writers out there feel like when you're trying to do a scene you keep working and reworking it because something just isn't right.  To me it feels like my novel is a Rubik's Cube.  I know all the parts and where I think they should go but they're just not in the right place.  And trying to get them in the proper place is a BI*** and a half sometimes.  Because every so often I do something in one area of the test and it messes up something I had planned for later.  Or I wind up hitting a dead end and have to go back restart the whole section entirely. Now this has happened to me on a number of occasions.  Some people tell me to have an outline ready but that never works for me.  This is usually because my characters start going in other directions by saying or doing things I hadn't originally planned.  Admittedly I let them get away with it but only if what they want to do seems to be working way better than what I originally planned.  But most of the tim

How do you spell Writer's Block? A-A-A-R-R-R-G-G-G-H-H-H!!!

I recently started a second blog with WordPress, not sure how well it's going over so I may keep that for samples of my writing and just day-to-day musings.  I want to keep this one to share my writing experiences with others I think.  So I copied this from my other blog, so in case you didn't see it before here it is.  I hope it helps and I'd love to hear from some of you about how you deal with this problem. Writer’s block :  We’ve all had it at one time or another.  I’ve heard many suggestions on how to deal with it.  Here’s a few of my own: 1-Uncontrollable sobbing in the nearest corner.  This does not necessarily solve the problem, but it gets some of your frustrations and emotions out of the way.  NOTE: Doing this for two or more days straight may signal a bigger problem, men in white coats with big nets come to take to you to a much happier place.  At least they did with me.  You know, I always picture Disneyland a lot bigger and mo