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Coming Tomorrow In Both E-book and Trade Paperback...

The 4th book in Helen's "Forever Detective Series" There's no place like home for the holidays-- or for having you darkest secrets revealed! Can Rafael Jones manage to find the missing girl, build on his romance with agent Clara Thomas, and still keep his parents thinking he's living a normal life instead of being living dead? And will working for the forces of Heaven strengthen Rafael's faith, or shake it? Wizards, witches, angels, and Pixie Dust bring their own surprises for Rafael's Christmas. So get ready to order your copy, and maybe a few to put in stocking or under a tree.  (Personally signed paperbacks will also be available)

Audiobook Time Continues As Halloween Draws Closer...

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So this is the final weekend of your early Halloween treat, as we suspect most folks will have a lot to do next weekend with the holiday itself. But we still have 3 more chapters for you to sample "Forever's Too Long". Chapter 5 - NOT JUST A SPARK After a long day of tussling with crooked antique dealers and wasting time with useless police detectives who are more interested in playing games, Rafael and Clara deserve a night off. So they decide to step out and enjoy some music and dancing. So let's click on the link below, and enjoy their evening out as as they get to know a little more about each other. Chapter 6 - CULT FOLLOWING It seems like a simple job to Rafael. Go in, get some evidence of wrongdoing-- there's always wrongdoing by cult leaders-- and present it to Eugene's former employees to get them to get their lives back on track. But Rafael has no idea just how wrong things are behind the faca

The Early Halloween Treat - Audiobook Time Continues...

The Halloween Season is still going on, and so does the treat. Last week we brought you the first 3 chapters of Helen's 1st solo novel "Forever's Too Long". Today we're giving you the next 3 chapters along with a chance to see Rafael and Clara working together, as well as getting to know one another better.  You'll also get to see how others view Rafael, especially from his days back on the police force. As you'll hear, the reactions he gets tend to run from delighted, annoyed, and downright suspicious. So sit back and enjoy these three new chapters from the first book of the Forever Detective Series. Chapter 3 - The Ellis Island Traffic Control Board Chapter 4 - Moose's Memory Chapter 5 - Clara Proved Me Wrong Next week we'll be sharing the next three chapters where things begin to get a bit more hairy for Rafael. After an evening of dance and romance, he begins to delve deep into the second of his two cases. By infiltrating the cult that has been

An Early Halloween Treat - Audiobook Time

Hello everyone, Halloween is just around the corner and I felt that since I haven't been posting a lot hear lately (due to back issues and other life events) I thought perhaps you all deserved a treat. And since I spent months talking about recording and creating audiobooks, I thought it only appropriate to share some of my work with all of you.  So I'm presenting the first 3 chapters of Helen's first solo novel "Forever's Too Long" here on the today and a few more in the next two weeks. Why that book? Because it's the Halloween season and the novel is a vampire tale set in 1940's New York City. It stars Rafael Jones, a former police officer who just came back from Germany, where he was an investigator gathering evidence for the famous Nuremberg trials. Now he's back home in America and opening his own detective agency. In this story his first two cases will lead him straight into the depths into another world that holds wonders and terror, the wor