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Blimey College is Keeping Me Busy...

Sorry for the long silence everyone, but this semester has been BUSY!  This past week was my Spring Break.  Tomorrow I go back to class.  Meanwhile here it is the day before I go back and I'm finally getting around to working on my Blog...  See what I mean about a busy semester.  I'm carrying a full load of classes plus doing and Internship at a Women's Center and have very little time to do much of anything most days. Anyway, that's brought you up to speed on why I haven't been posting.  Meanwhile, the manuscript for my Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi novel "The Bridge" was sent to the agent who requested it about 2 weeks after my last entry here.  That was mid-January.  To date I haven't heard back but that's normal.  Agents get query letters and manuscripts all the time.  It takes a while for them to get through the manuscripts they already had waiting when yours comes along.  So what do you do in the meantime?  GET TO WORK ON YOUR NEXT NOVEL!  Trust