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Halloween Starts Today With The Release of "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home"

Welcome to "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home".  My name is Nathaniel Eoghan Steward, and I hope you'll be as pleased to meet me and my friends as we are to meet you...   After two long years of brainstorming, writing, re-writing, editing, and planning Helen and I are proud to present to you all our first collaboration: "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home". Those who've been following my other blog ( ) for the last two years will be familiar with Nathan and some of the other characters who appear in this novel, but for those who are not here's a synopsis:  In 1861 sixteen year old Nathan Steward joined the 7th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment to help end slavery and preserve the Union.  Before he left home, Nathan promised his sister Isabella that he would not let the war change him... he was wrong. While serving in the Union Army, Nathan found himself fighting on many battlefields.  But his tou

The Moment Every Indie Author Waits For...

Today our Trade Paperback copies of "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" arrived. For me this is the third time this has happened, but for my wife (and co-author) Helen, it was her first.  So naturally, I gave the honors of opening the box and holding the first copy to her. For anyone who hasn't had this pleasure yet, I hope you get to experience it.  No matter how many books you write, seeing and holding them is something special.  

Discount Pre-Orders Being Accepted Now!

Only 6 more days until Nathan and company arrive, just in time for Halloween! It's been a long time in the making, but "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" is arriving in just 7 more days.  But you don't have to wait to order your copy now.  In fact you can pre-order the book and get 25% off the regular asking price.  That's right, you can order an e-copy for just  $2.99  (after  October 28th, the price will be $3.99).   Furthermore, the book will be available in all e-reader formats such as  Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, PDF, Kobo  and others.   Signed trade paperback copies will also be available for $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the United States.  Overseas mailing will cost slightly more.  For anyone interested in getting a signed copy, please e-mail us at: Here's a sneak peak inside the novel: I skipped my last class and headed straight over to Nathan’

Meet The Co-Author of "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" My Wife Helen

Helen has been a major force behind my entire Para-Earth Series since the days before I first started to actually write "The Bridge".  She's been my confidante, grammar checker, science expert, adviser, and so much more.  So without further ado, allow me to let her take over today's blog and answer some questions that we've encountered recently. Allan has already published 2 books. Why are you now a co-author on his latest? He’s been doing fine writing on his own, I agree. I always did give him some input and advice on the other books, but while I’ve helped bring in science fiction angles and suggested some ways to improve character development, the other books were all his plots and his writing.   This one is still his plot, but there’s a specific character in it who helps explain some of the scientific elements and who was entirely my creation. We talked a lot about the relationship between my character and the main character, and developed a history


'The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" will be released on October 28th! That's right folks.  Halloween will be arriving a few days early this year, so get ready to grab your own copy of the next installment of the Para-Earth Series.  The book will be available in Trade Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Apple, and all other e-readers. Within these pages of this novel you'll meet a whole new breed of vampire who drinks blood, needs to sleep in the ground, avoids sunlight (because he'll start to sparkle as in slowly spontaneously combusting), and cannot eat garlic. He's also one of the best people you'd ever want to have on your side in a bad situation. "My name is Nathaniel Eoghan Stewart, in the Spring of 1862 I joined the Union army to help end slavery and preserve our country. As I left, I promised my family I wouldn't let the war change me... but I was wrong, so very wrong..." Keep watching this page for more entries from some of the othe

Book Review: Morning At The Vineyard by Juliette Kings

A fun and fulfilling collection of the most tangled, yet intriguing, tales one might want to read.  Miss Kings, a. k. a. the “Vampire Maman” has enchanted many with her blog “Vampire Maman, Musings of a ModernVampire Mom”.  It is a very popular blog, and where all the tales found in this collection originated.  Of course, while one could sift through her blog, it would take hours or possibly even days to find each of these tantalizingly delicious vignettes.  Each story stands on its own merit, yet are connected at the same time, as the author shares stories not only about her own long existence, but those of her brothers, children and family friends which include zombies, the occasional werewolf, ghosts, elder vampires, and more than a few ordinary humans. Our dear Vampire Maman, weaves each tale in such a way to make us laugh, smile, feel a little remorse, or simply take a moment to appreciate those around us.  She brings wit and wisdom as well that is sure to keep the read