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It Was Supposed To Be Just Another Day...

Hello everyone. I had been planning and hoping to start out this blog post with me being all... But then Monday happened, and I wound up feeling like... Here's what's been happening around here for the last few months (well more like for the last year). You see, part of the reason (well a very big reason actually) why I haven't been posting a lot in the last year is because I developed some health issues. Nothing life-threatening, mind you, but life altering. Keeping a long story short, as of May I had to leave my job at the county of Santa Cruz and take Disability Retirement.   Now this whole process has been ongoing since September of last year and now it's officially a year later, come to think of it. But throughout that time, I had a lot of doctor appointments, as well as dealing with a lot of stressful paperwork, which included short-term disability (which will be coming to an end this month). During my last meeting with my doctor, she noted my condition that led t