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Book Review: Bryce Main’s “LOVE AND COFFEE”

Many of us have a particular establishment where we go for a good cup of coffee, tea, and maybe even a pastry.  We might even like to park ourselves at a table, maybe by the window, or in a corner so we can sit, read, do a bit of texting, writing, artwork, or just dream.  But how many of us pay attention to the other folks sharing that space where we like to relax and unwind? After reading “Love and Coffee” you may find yourself paying more attention to those around you and wondering what roads they’ve traveled down. “Love and Coffee” is a collection of short vignettes that all take place inside not just any coffee shop, but a very special one.  It’s run by a woman everyone calls Little Italy, who knows just what you need even before you make up your mind.  She’s assisted by her cohorts Big Red, and Angel, as well as a music box that seems to have come straight out of the more benevolent corners of the Twilight Zone, along with Little Italy who simply has to give it the

Book Review: "" by Scarlet Black

A Romantically Fang-tastic Read... 5-stars: This book surpassed all my expectations.  In an age of sparkling day-walkers, we get some good old traditional vampires who have moved with the times.  They're powerful, clever, and have built some strong financial power for themselves.  However, a number of them are still 'monsters'.  Dorian Taylor is an exception.  He does not view mortals as merely play-toys or food, like his associates.  He longs for something more and finds it in Jennifer, he also finds his heart.   Definitely not a book for anyone under eighteen, but a cracking good read.  Miss Black supplies the reader with a good amount of BDSM and sex.  But even more importantly she provides us with a love story with plenty of danger lurking in the shadows.  There are twists and turns I did not see coming which I found both moving and exciting.  While some situations might seem trite to some people, the author does something else that certainly makes

Things Are Coming Along Nicely Here...

As you all know this blog has been undergoing a serious renovation for the past week. The reason for this is the fact that I recently looked over some of our past entries found that this site contained well over 350 posts, which cover a variety of subjects from thoughts on writing, tips, book reviews, updates about our own works, etc. I then thought about our readers, especially those who were new to the blog, and how difficult it would be to try and find a particular post or topic while wading through that many posts which are pretty much spread willy-nilly throughout the blog. Some semblance of order was needed to make things easier for all.  So I set about adding menu buttons and linking specific posts to each in order to make the site easier to navigate. To date, the following menu selections are up and running: "Home"  (main blog) "The Authors"   (aka an "About Us" page)  "Para-Earth Books"   (synopsis of our

Book Review: Terry Pratchett's "Making Money"

The Bank of Ankh-Morpork has gone to the dogs... or rather the dog of the now deceased chairman of the bank.  When Topsy Lavish died, she willed her controlling shares in the bank to her dog Mr. Fusspot, who she in turn bequeathed to the least trustworthy man in all of Ankh-Morpork, Moist Von Lipwig former con artist and now "reformed" character. Soon our dear Mr. Lipwig finds himself trying to deal with the entire Lavish family who all want Mr. Fusspot dead, while at the same time he has Lord Vetinari the city's Patrician, breathing down his neck to give the city a loan to fund some much needed infrastructure improvements.   But the Bank and the Mint both run on the gold currency, and there's only so much gold to go around.   Soon Moist is in mischief and high finance up to his ears.  Wheeling and dealing, talking a mile a minute and selling the idea of paper currency to the inhabitants of Ankh-Morpork.  Can his fast talk and silver tongue keep him

Changes are a-happenin'...

In case you hadn't already noticed, there have been changes being made on this site.  I'm trying to make it more easy to navigate for readers by adding New Menu Items such as where to find book reviews we've done in the past, learning more about our books, where to find older posts about writing, etc.  I admit I'm rather a novice at doing this sort of thing but I've been making progress.  I simply ask that you all bear with me until I get everything sorted out the way I think will be best.  I have over 350 posts to sort through and edit so the process may take a while, but it's already giving me a lot of material for future posts about setting up a blog to also act like a website.  More soon. Until then, keep writing my friends.