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A Celebration of Life For My Late Father-in-Law...

Thomas Henry, the Explorer:
He walks the road ahead, In the undiscovered country, Learning the calls of the dodo,  Tracing the prints of the sabertooth.  He does not forget, Nor will he be forgotten. Love knows no time or distance, Love knows only truth. 
He is with us, with the unfurling of the flower. I hear his voice vibrating in the rustle of the leaves.  I see his shadow pacing so we need not walk alone. The connection is unbroken; that's what I believe. 
So while we weep, we smile, And hold him in our hearts, Because we don't forget him,  We'll never truly part.
by Helen Kathryn Henry Krummenacker (my wife)
Yesterday, I went to Stockton with my wife to attend the "Celebration Of Life" her mother was holding for her late husband, my father-in-law Thomas Henry.  It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever been to.  This was not a memorial service, it was exactly what the name says.  We celebrated this wonderful man's life and how he touched each…

Special Deal For Nook, Sony, Apple and Kindle E-readers, This Week Only...

Starting today (9/15/13) and ending midnight next Sunday (9/22/13), the e-book version of  my paranormal/mystery novel "The Bridge" is available for just 99 cents on Smashwords and Amazon.  
Smashwords covers Nook, Apple, Sony, and other e-readers as well as PDF copies of the book.  Amazon has the Kindle version.  
So take advantage of this opportunity while you can.  Ghosts, police, psychics, shamans and a 300 year old bridge with a terrifying secret awaits you within the pages of this book. 
This novel is also the first in the Para-Earth book series.  Book 2, "The Ship" will be coming this December and will follow two of the main characters in "The Bridge" as they journey to the west coast to bury one of their own.
Just click on the appropriate link below to get the e-book version that works best for you.  And if you already have a copy, please help spread the word of this one week special deal.  Thank you.

Google Drive/Docs, A New Tool In Your Writing Arsenal...

As most of you probably know, my beloved laptop died a few weeks ago and I have yet to replace it.  I will be getting a desktop computer towards the end of the month luckily.  But in the meantime, it's been hard not being able to access my novels and work on them.  At least, that was the case until yesterday.  I am now able to continue work on book #2 "The Ship" and am in no danger of losing any changes I make to it (at least as far as I know).  And it's all thanks to my G-mail account.
Now a lot of you are probably thinking, "Well duh, you simply mail what you wrote each day to yourself and it will be safe in your e-mail."  That is definitely a method that a lot of people use, but I have a tendency of deleting or accidentally deleting e-mails due to clumsy fingers or a computer acting strange.  
What I'm going to talk about today is Google Drive (aka Google Docs).  Now I know Google had provided a  "Cloud"-like service for all who use Google…

Available Now For Nook, Sony, Apple and Other E-readers...

"THE BRIDGE" is back on Smashwords!!!
What does this mean? Those of you with Nook, Apple, Sony, and other e-readers can now get your own copy of book #1 in Para-Earth Series for just $1.99
Click on the link below to get yours. Remember, book 2 is coming in December so don't fall behind. See where the paranormal/mystery all begins here.