What We've Been Reading

Welcome to our book review page.  Here you will find titles of what we've read, along with a link that will take you directly to the post within the blog where we shared our thoughts.   We hope to start adding at least one title a month to this list.  If you have any personal favorite books you wish to suggest, please leave your recommendation in the comment section below.  We're always looking for something new to read and welcome suggestions. 

In the meantime, here's the books we've reviewed already on the blog:

"Raising Steam"
By Terry Pratchett


"Who Goes There?" aka "The Thing"
By John W. Campbell


"Love and Coffee"
By Bryce Main


By Scarlet Black


"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"
By Jack Finney

"Tales of the Black Widowers"
By Isaac Asimov

"Talon: Come Fly With Me"
By Gigi Sedlmayer

"Morning At the Vineyard"
By Juliette Kings

"Let's Get Digital"
By David Gaughran

"Son of Rosemary"
By Ira Levin

"The Doll: The Lost Short Stories"
By Daphne Du Maurier

"Rosemary's Baby"
By Ira Levin

"The Stepford Wives"
By Ira Levin

"Ghost Story"
By Peter Straub

"From A Buick 8"
By Stephen King


"I Am Legend"
By Richard Matheson

"At the Mountains of Madness"
By H. P. Lovecraft

By John Wyndham

 aka "Village of the Damned"

"The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories"

"Cat Playing Cupid"
 by Shirley Rousseau Murphy


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