How do you spell Writer's Block? A-A-A-R-R-R-G-G-G-H-H-H!!!

I recently started a second blog with WordPress, not sure how well it's going over so I may keep that for samples of my writing and just day-to-day musings.  I want to keep this one to share my writing experiences with others I think.  So I copied this from my other blog, so in case you didn't see it before here it is.  I hope it helps and I'd love to hear from some of you about how you deal with this problem.

Writer’s block:  We’ve all had it at one time or another.  I’ve heard many suggestions on how to deal with it.  Here’s a few of my own:

1-Uncontrollable sobbing in the nearest corner.  This does not necessarily solve the problem, but it gets some of your frustrations and emotions out of the way.  NOTE: Doing this for two or more days straight may signal a bigger problem, men in white coats with big nets come to take to you to a much happier place.  At least they did with me.  You know, I always picture Disneyland a lot bigger and more colorful.  The white padding in that room just didn’t really scream Mickey Mouse to me.

Okay that got the silly out of the way.  Here are some real suggestions.

Go out and exercise.  Take a walk, swim, do some kind of physical activity that gets you away from the computer.  Your brain will still be working quietly on the story mind you.  I’ve had more than one occasion to be hitting the treadmill when a path suddenly becomes clear in the story and I keep working it while I’m exercising.  As soon as I’m done I hit the laptop and move on.

A change of scenery, go to a beach, a mall, a forest, a mountain… whatever’s available where you live.  A different perspective can trigger ideas.

Work on a different or later scene in the story.  Sometimes this can help lay groundwork for ideas of how to reach this later part of your story.  You may inadvertently come up with some background ideas that can suddenly get you past whatever’s got you stumped.

Another suggestion is look at the section your on.  How important is it to the story that it remains in this form.  I’ve written several pages in a scene only to hit a roadblock and finally come to the conclusion that the scene just isn’t  working.  I’ve revealed too much or some of what’s going on in it does nothing for the rest of the story.  Or certain revelations I’ve put down here might work better elsewhere.  So I’ve literally torn sections up and did them over from scratch in a totally different manner that led to a better story arc.

So there are a few of my ideas.  How about you all?  I’d love to see and hear what you folks have found to work for getting past the dreaded “Writer’s Block”.  Please leave comments and thanks for reading.


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