And Now About My 1st Novel "THE BRIDGE"...

Okay, I know I kept a lot of you in suspense this week about what's been happening on with my manuscript that is in New York.  Well, I followed up on it earlier this week and learned that it was finally looked over.  Now the way the agent who has it works is as follows.  She has recently hired a number of junior agents who do not represent clients yet, but read over manuscripts and decide whether they were good enough to pass on to the agent herself for review.  This weeding out process helps her out immensely, because she gets so many submissions and had built up a bit of a backlog.  My MS for "THE BRIDGE" had been in that backlog, which was why it took so long to hear back on it.  

And the verdict is....

My very first manuscript is going to be sent on to the agent herself to read and considered for representation.  Now, the agent asked if I would like to see the comments and feedback from her 'readers' in case I wanted to make any edits before the manuscript gets to her.  I said I would.  I'm very curious to see what people had to say and where I might be able to improve the novel before the agent herself gets a look.  This is vitally important, because the first viewing of a manuscript is like making your very first impression with a boss or someone who you really want to impress.  And since I've never had anything published before to show my skills or a track record of success, so showing the agent a fully edited manuscript is a very important first impression with this agent.  So that is why I asked to see the comments and get the chance to do a few more edits before she gets to see it.   So now I'm just waiting for the comments and input so I can begin those edits.  After that, I will be sending the new draft to the agent and waiting for her to read it and get back to me.

As you can see, the road to being published the traditional way can be a long and winding one.  And it still doesn't guarantee I'll be accepted and taken on as one of her clients, that is still up to the agent.  But even if I fail this time I have options.  So do you my friends.  There is the E-book route, but one of the difficulties with that is promoting the novel to get the word out is entirely on you.  Now if you have a good network of people who can help spread the word and wish to go that way, more power to you.  But make sure you're putting out the very best version of your piece.  Get someone who really knows editing to go over it with a fine-tooth comb first.  Remember, instead of making a good first impression with an agent, you're going to be trying to make a great one with the public who you want to love your book.  Be careful, take the time to get things done right.  Don't rush just so you can say, "Hey, I've got a book out there..."  Make sure it's a great book and that the grammar, the characters, the plot, everything is just right.  An agent can help you make sure all of that is taken care of and that you've come out with a fantastic product.

That's all for now.  In the meantime, I will be working on the sequel to "THE BRIDGE", which now stands at 65,000 words and is 2/3's of the way done.  I've tentatively titled the sequel "THE SHIP" and takes up with two of the characters from the first novel, along with two sinister beings who survived from the first novel.  "THE SHIP" also introduces a new threat that is far more dangerous than either of the two sinister entities stalking my main characters.

Until next time, keep writing everyone.


  1. Good luck on the rest of the process, Allan.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, even if things don't work out the experience and the journey are a learning experience. But I'm very hopeful all the same.

  2. With respect, Allan, that we have to each choose our own path you need to find out about the pitfalls of hiring an agent before you go any further. To be clear I'm not saying you shouldn't but every writer needs all the information they need to make an informed decision, You are obviously new to publishing and I've been selling professionally for over a decade. I personally have made the decision not to hire an agent. I would hire an Intellectual Property Attorney to represent me with NY publishers instead. I'm sending you a link (one of many on the topic) which may help you to be better informed. I also suggest you check out Passive Guys blog. I wish you much success with your books.

    1. I will check it out Russ. I've done a lot of reading and realize there are a lot of pitfalls both ways. I will check the link out and keep what is has to say in mind. After all, I still haven't been offered representation yet. And if I don't, I have been considering alternative routes already. Plus I know that to have gotten this far, I know my work is good and could stand on its own if I go the non-traditional route. Take care.

  3. Congratulations on making it to this step! I think it is wonderful that you will get some feedback from the people that read your ms and that you will have an agent considering your work. It sounds like you have given everything a lot of thought and I wish you much success.

    I am new here from Linkedin. :)



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