A New Adventure Equals New Writing Material...

Well, for some time now I've considered adding Vlogging to my arsenal of writing tools.  And today, I took my very first steps.  A few weeks before college let out, I was speaking to a classmate about how I wished I'd had a digital camera to record some of the dances we were doing in class so I could rehearse at home.  She told me she had a Bloggie camera that she didn't like and would let me have if I:

1) Managed to get it to operate, because she couldn't


2) Promised to record her performances in class.

Well I agreed and succeeded at doing both.  So that's how I wound up with a Bloggie camera.  Mind you, I later learned that the reason she couldn't get it to work was software incompatibility with her computer.  And by the time I figured out the problem and how she could get around it she already had gotten new camera which was better suited for her needs.  She informed that the Bloggie had been given to her as a gift, so she wasn't out of pocket and was glad to pass it on to someone who could really use it.

So, after finishing school I needed to get settled into my new job, which is going well according to my supervisors.  Which is great news to me.  However, I have a 40-45 minute commute until we move.  And during that drive I get a lot of time to think.  And I started thinking more and more about trying my hand at Vlogging (video blogging for those not familiar with the term).  And I wanted to do it at a location that i thought would capture a lot of imaginations.   Finally, I decided on the place.  So, today I went back to the concrete boat, the S. S. PALO ALTO, and filmed there.  Yes, I know I've blogged about it once, but allowing my audience to see and hear the pounding of the waves on the shore and its hull I felt would give them a new sense of awe like it did to me.  Plus, the whole subject of the video is about setting and getting ideas.  Once I've edited the footage I'll post a link to it for all of you to see if you're interested.

But even more important was something else that happened there, namely the experience of trying to do a Vlog in the first place.  My arm got tired at times holding up the camera.  Then trying to get the right shot, or get my speech in or and not keep flubbing my words.  The looks I was getting from other people as I was filming.  It was a wild experience.  And it gave me a whole new list of ideas for stories down the road.  Here again we have exactly what I keep going on about, writing from experience.  How did it make me feel to get those looks?  The frustration of trying to get the words just right and not keep screwing up and doing another take.  It was fun and fascinating as well as annoying and a little embarrassing at times.

So remember to take mental notes about things that happen to you in everyday life so you can draw upon them as you write.  It really does help make your characters seem more real and easy for the reader to relate to.  Until next time, take care and keep writing everyone.


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