Animals and Stories...

I added a new installment on my Vlog about writing.  Here's the video from my YouTube channel  "AllanTheAuthor".  This particular video is all about animals and how they can affect your writing.  Whether it be giving you ideas, or being used as plot points to help move a story along, or even finding out the animal has a story of its own.

I hope you all enjoy it and if you feel like it check out my other writing videos on YouTube at:


  1. Alan, I really enjoyed watching your video about the animals in your life. I found your link on Linked In, and I'll be following your blog. Keep creating content!

  2. That I will Darlene. And thanks for following. My next installment on the Vlog is going to be "Creating Tension". I'm still editing the footage but hope to have it up soon. So stay tuned.


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