Decisions, Decisions...

Sorry for being so quiet for the past few days. I've been busy re-writing and editing novel #1. I've been using the critique I got as a guide and have been making some great changes where needed. The story is much stronger and more interesting I think. I might have it done by the end of the month. Where would you all like to see me go with it from there?  

In fact, I wouldn't mind hearing how many of you would like to see it come out in E-Book form in time for Christmas.  

I would really love some feedback on this one folks.  Thanks so much for your help and support.  


  1. I wish you all the best!

    Critique/review/comment this flash fiction in the LINK please

  2. Thank you, that means a lot to me. take care.

  3. Your first novel? Don't set a date as your goal. Let quality be your guide. Publish when you have it right. There used to be a time when traditional publishers had to have product ready for unveiling at special events. That's no longer important.

  4. Thank you Jack, that is great advice. I'll keep it in mind as I finish up the rewrite.

  5. Hi,
    I don't know whether you have had anyone outside of yourself read your book to see if there are words that are missing, sentences that are vague and not clearly pointing the reader in the right direction, but I think that is critical. When we edit our books ourselves, we tend to overlook much because we are too close to it. I would seriously think about hiring a professional editor to edit the book before it goes in print.
    Also, consider that Christmas is right around the corner. Publishers and Self-Publishers have already started their advertising and promo work for Christmas, which means that you have very little time to package your product and get your promo work out as you would probably like to. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment from Jack Durish. I would focus on making sure that my novel is top quality because quality draws attention.

  6. Words of wisdom as usual Pat. thanks, I'll be giving all of this a good deal thought and try to be very thorough before I make my final move.

  7. I agree with Patricia and Jack too. I have read comments that I have made previously, on other blogs, and found typos there. My mind knows what I want to say, my fingers have a slip up here and there and they don't get caught, either because I'm not wearing my glasses or I'm too tired/not focused. I find the same for writing. You know what you want to say, but how you think is not how all who will read it may think. Having another edit does help.

    1. This is very true and I will be doing just that. In the end I may aim for the beginning of the new year to start it off right for myself. T

  8. Allan, It is worth getting a pro-editor. I know it's not cheap, but I believe well worth it. You don't want to publish a book that has all kinds of issues and embarrass yourself in the long run. Plus, if you want your work to catch on then you want a book that others will recommend to get your book out there and popular. I found several reasonable editors through linkedIn. Check it out.

  9. Thanks Lisa, i'll consider it. But money is tight and I mean in the we have food on the table and sometimes just barely. I'll do what I can and get help to edit the puppy as best as I can. Thanks for the advice and support, I do appreciate it.


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