"The Ship", Book 2 of the Para-Earth Series, Is Now FREE On Kindle Unlimited!


That's right Kindle Unlimited subscribers can now get "The Ship", book two int he Para-Earth Series for FREE through Amazon.  This book has been given 5-star reviews and is available to you now through Kindle Unlimited.

This paranormal/mystery continues the story of Cassandra and Julie, two young women who fought alongside Alex and Veronica in my first novel "The Bridge".  The two have fallen in love and have come to Santa Cruz to see if their new relationship can work, as well as bury Julie's uncle who had been guarding the bridge as part of his duties as the family shaman.

But there are new problems. Julie is finding out that the shaman mantle has been passed to her, but she things there is nothing to guard against as the being that had lain hidden inside the bridge is no more. However, another evil from another para-earth has arisen and has marked Cassandra is its target.
Now the two will have to fight against a new threat that threatens to tear apart them apart before they fully begin.
Once again ghosts, psychics, and shamans await you in this new story, along with a terrifying ghost ship and a familiar white-haired villain from "The Bridge".
So why not check it out today and enjoy a really exciting summer read. And remember, you can find book one in the series "The Bridge" which is also FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
Click on this link to start reading: 


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