There Are Only So Many Hours In the Day and Only So Much Of Me To Spread Around...

Last time I talked about knowing when to release your book, which also meant knowing when NOT to release your book.  Today I'm here to tell you I'm really glad I am not releasing anything at this time.  Why?  See the image below...

That's me right now.  Last week I had a major mid-term for Pre-Calculus, which is a class I'm still struggling with.  I study more hours for that class and I'm still not fully getting the concepts, so I study even more to try and learn them with only so much success.  I've also got two other classes I have to keep up with, along with doing hours of "Service Learning" which is basically volunteer work over at a local high school.  I have to do write-ups about my experiences at my Service Learning Site as well.  Finally, I'm also working on a major final paper for my third class, so in short I'm running on fumes most of the time.

This week I'm taking two county exams (one in Santa Cruz tomorrow, and then another on Friday for Monterey County).  Plus I've got morning appointments on Tues and Thurs, and I'm doing more Service Learning on Wednesday.  All this is happening around my classes.  

So all of this leads very little... aw hell, I'm not going to lie.  I haven't had ANY time to write or promote anything lately.  And it's not going to get better any time soon.  I may not be able to do any serious writing until shortly before/after Christmas.  

There were a number of people who told me I was making the right decision in not releasing "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" or trying to rush it to be ready.  To you I say, a huge "Thank you!"  You were absolutely right, and I'm glad I didn't push things because I would've either had a nervous breakdown or delivered a very poor product. 

It's been so busy, I've hardly had any time to even think about stories or plot points.  The only thing I've been able to give even the remotest attention to has been the collaboration I'm working on with my friend and fellow author Rich Caminiti.

  We're working on a tale together that involves vampires, the Civil War, and a being from Native American folklore.  An unusual blend, you say?  Well, you're right.  But it's shaping up to be a well crafted tale, in spite of the strange elements we're cobbling together.  For the vampires we're working with are not of western or European stock.  That's all I'll say for now.  

I'll try to keep the posts coming here and focus on aspects of writing and the creative process, but I can't guarantee how frequently they'll show up.  I created this post just to keep you all in the loop as to what's going on with me and why I've been a bit quiet lately.  There's just a few more weeks to the semester, but then the holidays hit.  So I'll be a bit busy with that as well.  But I'll do my best not to neglect any of you or this blog.  

So for now, I'm going to sit here and try to catch up with my thoughts.

As always, take care of yourselves, and keep writing.


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