Sneak Peek Countdown to Release...

 Only six more days until you reach "The Pass"...

That's right folks. In just a few more days (on 4-14-2024) you can get your copy of "The Pass". A novel that Kirkus Reviews has called "A supernatural espionage tale that keeps the excitement high."

Rich Caminiti, my co-author (an old friend from high school - Levittown Memorial H. S. class of '82 to be exact) and I have woven this tale of supernatural mystery and intrigue, set in the old west (or the Civil War to be precise). This book is the first of a trilogy we have been working on for some time, and the next installment has a completed 1st draft, waiting to be re-worked, edited, re-drafted, etc. Plus, the third installment is already underway as well.

Besides having a cracking good tale to tell, this volume has some beautiful pen and ink illustrations created by the wonderfully talented Gabrielle Callan (artist/tattooist) whose link to more of her work I will provide towards the end of this entry. 

In my previous sneak peeks, I introduced you to Jacob Long and his daughter Sara, as well as a mysterious being who many would call a Skinwalker (one who dons the skin of an animal to gain its powers and strength) and can actually change into the animal whose pelt it has put on. Only this one is unlike any Skinwalker of legend, as you will find out when you read this fascinating tale.

However, this time, I felt it was appropriate to introduce you all to another of the main characters, if not THE main character of the novel. His name is Keefer O'Connor, an Irishman who came to this country as a child and rose through the ranks of the New York Police. But when the Civil War broke out, he joined the Union army and earned the respect admiration of his superiors, to the point that the War Department has summoned him to Washington D. C. 

What makes Keefer such a fun character, is not only his wry Irish sense of humor, and quick wits, but certain other traits he possesses, some of which he is not fully aware of as yet. But soon will be as you will see in the following excerpt from our book. Enjoy...

         Keefer was still on this trail when he suddenly saw the shadow man in his mind’s eye. “Son of a bitch!” he exclaimed and immediately pulled the reins. Stopping the horse, he grabbed his pocket watch, eyeing the second hand. Looking around the high grass, there was nothing. Still, he waited. Twenty seconds went by. The feeling he had was stronger now, only this time he didn’t have to close his eyes at all.

          He looked at his watch again, forty-two seconds. Still nothing. But the feeling was stronger than ever. He pulled out his pistol, and leveled it in front of him. Fifty-three seconds. ‘He’ll be here, and this time I’ll shoot his arse out from under him,’ Keefer thought.

          At exactly sixty seconds, the shadow man appeared no more than forty feet from him. Keefer immediately opened fire, dropping his watch to the ground in order to pull out his second pistol. With both weapons in hand, he began shooting alternating between pistols. To his amazement, the shadow man disappeared. Dismounting, Keefer raced to the spot where the shadow man had been, but all he saw was twelve dents in the ground where the bullets had struck. There was no sign of his target anywhere, not even footprints to show where he had been standing. Furious, Keefer began searching the brush, screaming, “Get ya ass out here ya yellow belly bastard! Feck Fecker!”

          Looking wide eyed and very angry, he paced the trail looking at the brush for bent or broken twigs, footprints, a piece of cloth, anything to show where his quarry might have gone. ‘How the feck do ya fight an enemy ya can’t hit with bullets?’ he asked himself. “I’ll find your arse! Ya hear me? I’ll find your arse!” he screamed again.

          Finally, he walked back to his horse and picked his watch up off the ground. Then, reaching into the other saddlebag, he withdrew his reload kit, sat down on the ground, and began to put fresh bullets in both pistols. When he was done, he stood up, holstered each weapon carefully, and then placed the kit back in the saddlebag. It took him all of two minutes.

          “Okay Cara, let’s get the hell outta here girl, and get some distance,” he said, grabbing the saddle and mounting her once more. Then it hit him. His experiment had worked after all. Sitting on the saddle, Keefer thought to himself ‘Sixty seconds, sixty diabhal seconds! I can see what happens sixty seconds before it does!’ He smirked at the thought. For the first time in his life, he not only understood but actually partially used this gift, or whatever it was. However, it depended heavily on his mood. Still, this meant he had an advantage, one that could pay off hugely if he used it wisely.

-sneak peek's end -

So, there you have it my friends. Another glimpse into the tale that awaits you within the volume coming to you this weekend.

"The Pass" will be available in both Kindle and paperback forms, with work beginning on an audio version starting soon. You can pre-order the Kindle version at the following links or wait until April 14th, 2024 to order the paperback edition.





Plus, as I promised earlier, here is the link to Gabrielle Callan's amazing art. Do come and check out more of her amazing artwork.


So once again, until next time, stay safe and keep writing and reading my friends.


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