A 9/11 Message To All...

I don't normally do this, but I think it's overdue.  I'll get back to my usual blogging in a day or so.  So here goes...

I want to say thank you to those at Ground Zero 9 years ago.  To the police and fire crews who saw, suffered and lost especially.

But I also want to salute the ordinary people.  The ones who did not run away but towards the towers when the first plane hit.  The chefs, the mailman, the secretary, the construction workers... everyone who raced towards the place where people needed help.  You who pulled open your shirts, blouses, to reveal a huge "S" on your chest or maybe it was golden eagle, a lightning bolt or some other inspiring symbol.  You might not have even known it was there until that moment, and you acted.  You did all that you could assist your fellow human beings in trouble.  You didn't care about their race, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever.  You simply reacted to a tragedy of epic proportions and reached out.

Thank you and God Bless.


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