Sorry for the delay between postings.  College has been a little crazy and I'm still letting the dust settle.  Might have taken too many units this time around, so I'm cutting back a bit.  There are only so many hours in the day and so many days in a week.  I can only do so much at a time as I'm coming to realize.  And I have 2 more semesters where I can easily fulfill all the class requirements I need to complete.

I've also been fighting a bug, there's a flu going around at the campus.  He's easy to recognize kinda gross looking, bad attitude.  He's watching everyone go by and if you make eye contact he points at you to as if to say, "You're next."  Which is unfortunate because I was checking out a hot babe walking behind him.  Said babe, being my wife.  Ah, the price one pays for love.

Anyhow... this weeks subject Perspectives.  When I was in my early teens I became involved in magic thanks to a friend who was already a fine magician.  I started learning from him and then he introduced me to a local magic shop where I learned even more.  But there was a price to pay.  Once I knew most of the things to watch for, I could never view magic illusions performed by other magicians the same way.  I would watch for their presentation, their misdirection, and of course how the illusion could be reproduced.  My perspective had changed completely and all I could do was try to emulate and become a better magician myself and entertain others.  I found a lot of pleasure doing shows for others.  One of my best performances involved my wife as the "Assistant from Hell".  Not literally mind you, just that she wasn't the sparkly sweet kind of assistant most magicians used.  I may one day resurrect that act just for fun.  We both had a blast.

But what does all this have to do with writing?  Simple.  The more I've gotten inside the heads of my characters and how they react to the situations I've created, I've developed a new perspective on everyday life.  When presented with a problem or obstacle, I find myself mentally attacking it from several different angles at the same time.  Of course I'll only use one or two of the solutions, depending on how successful they were.  More than four and I'm ready to call in the expert.  My wife.

But this has become second nature for me.  I even wind up with story ideas from some of the various perspectives that I came up with.  You'll find this is true the more you write.  So remember to jot some of your more interesting perspectives and approaches.  You never know when they might prove useful.

And now, I will bid you all good night.  Sleep well and dream up more story ideas.  Any you don't like feel free to send to me.


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