This took me totally by surprise and I'm very flattered and honored.  I hadn't thought my blogging was having such an effect on people.  I want to thank Red and Flame at http://firestone2012.wordpress.com/ for nominating me in the first place.    Now in accordance with the rules of the award I'm supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself so here goes.
1 - Was a foster child at the age of 8 months and adopted at the age of 4 years by the Krummenackers.
2 - I studied and performed magic illusions in my teens and still have a lot of my equipment and skills.
3 - I've been taking dance lessons (mostly in Ballroom and Improvisational Dance) since I turned 41.
4 - I played violin in grade school and a little guitar in high school.
5 - Studied to be a Physical Therapist back in 1982 only to drop out, I was getting too emotionally overwrought over the people I couldn't help.
6 - Went back to college 2 years ago and got my A. S. in Human Services
7 - Met my wife of 23 years at a Doctor Who Fan Club, I dressed up as the MASTER and harrassed people on the phones and giving the pledge pitches during Pledge Breaks during Doctor Who for our local PBS station for 3 years.
I'd like to nominate the following Bloggers who I follow for this award:
These are just a few of the many bloggers who've had an impact on me.  I know there's more of you out there, but I only had so much room.  But please keep it up all of you.  I love reading your insights and stories.  Take care and thanks again everyone.


  1. Thanks for joining my blog, Allen. I appreciate the support! I will check out these other sites you mentioned. Except for Rachelle Gardner, whom I have joined, I have not read any of these. I too will join your blog, we new writers have to stick together! congrats on your award. I struggle with my blog and have no idea if any of it is good, but I keep on trying. Thanks again!


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