I've Made My Decision...

A few weeks ago I asked you all for your advice and opinions about what to do after my novel "THE BRIDGE" had been rejected after being considered for almost 2 years.  Well, during those 2 years a lot has changed in the publishing world.  E-books are now considered more acceptable than when they first started. In fact, some publishers and agents wait to see how well a self-published e-book does before considering taking an author on.  They want to see how good the author is at self-promotion and getting their product out there and recognized as something that is a must read.  From their point of view this takes some of the guess work out of whether or not the product is good and whether or not the author is willing to put in the work to help promote their product.

So after a lot of thinking and listening to you all and other authors I've been befriended by on Facebook I finally reached my decision.  Using the critique I was given by the agent who turned it down I looked over the book and had to admit she made a number of good points.  Mind you, it had been 3 years since I last looked at the book myself and I learned and experienced a lot in that time.  Especially going to college and learning more about relationships, people and myself.  So I gave the manuscript another rewrite and it is now being edited for me by a former teacher who's specialty was English.   I've also been researching e-books such as Kindle, Createspace, Nook, Apple, etc.  Included in my research was finding some videos on YouTube about how to format a manuscript for the different types of e-readers.  As you've already figured out by now I'm going the E-Book route.  But I'm also making sure the book will be available for Print-On-Demand (P. O. D.).

Now I intend to share with you all over the next few weeks links to sites and just information I've learned on my own as I go through the process, so hopefully those of you planning on going this route might find the path a little easier.  In the meantime I will leave you with one final thing.  Every book, even and e-book, needs a cover.  There are a number of good artists out there and websites where you can build your own.  In my case, being an artist in my own right who doesn't have the money to hire someone else, I've taken things into my own hands.  The cover is not finished by a long shot but this is what it looks like at this point.  I hope to have it finished soon, along with a completely edited manuscript.


  1. Well done Allan!! As a reader with old eyes, I wish the title itself was bolder/broader/easier to read. The art's intriguing. I know this is tedious work but what quality art isn't?

  2. Don't worry Liz, I'll be bolding that up pretty soon. Part of my goal is to get things blocked and into position and then start making different areas "POP" to catch the eye.


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