The Finished Cover For My Debut Novel...

Well gang,here it is.  I finally finished the cover for my debut novel this afternoon.  It took some doing but I finished it finally.  With my tight budget and the fact that I'm an artist in my own right, it only made sense to do the cover myself.  I've already got about a 1/4 of the novel formatted.  I'm using Createspace.  I'll do another entry on what went into the formatting and why I made the choices I did.  I hope to post that one in a day or so.  I want to focus on finishing the formatting and getting the whole thing together before New Year's Eve if possible.  

In the meantime, any comments on the book cover would be welcome.


  1. Very nice man, I wish I was artistic enough to create covers. Well done, and good luck with the formatting.

  2. Beautifully done, Allan. I love the cover and I love the look of the blog.

  3. I think your cover looks great! I do my own also. Can't afford to pay anyone and I can do a decent job myself - it just takes time - as does everything.

    I use Createspace as my publisher too. Good luck with your book. I'm working on finishing up one myself right now. Was shooting for the end of the year, but it looks more like the middle of Jan is more realistic. We'll see.


  4. That's really neat! I'm getting to the end of my book cover for my fiction collection ("The Fool's Illusion"). Feel free to check it out if you want.


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