I Have a Vlog Over On YouTube...

For those who didn't already know, I have a Vlog over on YouTube.  Now I know I've gained more readers over time, especially since I last posted any videos here.  And those I believe were from Christmas here in Marina California.
Normally my videos are all about writing and its many aspects:  settings, plot, character development, getting ideas, finding inspiration, dealing with writer's block, publishing on Createspace and Smashwords, etc.

Here is the latest video I posted a few weeks ago.  You may want to check it out or go to my YouTube channel to check out some of the other videos I've made.  I tried making this last one a bit more amusing, but without going overboard and ruining the main point I was trying to make in the video of how to make a mistake into a plus.



  1. This is a great way to sell your books! I will remember this if/when I get my book published! Thanks!

    1. I sincerely hope you get to make it happen Lorraine. It's an incredible feeling and also a lot of work. But it can be so worth it!

  2. Allan, I much enjoyed your depiction of the various options. Glad you chose what you did!

    1. Thank you. I tried to add some humor and that happens to be one of my specialties in videos. I'll be employing a bit more of it in future videos, those seem to get people going while also allowing me to give advice and suggestions without boring the viewer.


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