My Review of John Wyndham's Classic "Day Of The Triffids" 4-stars

I've wanted to read this book for some time. And as I expected it was quite different from the movie from 1962. I was a little surprised to see that most of the story seemed to focus on a post-apocalyptic Earth situation, where the Triffids were just another danger. 

But I was fascinated by the behavior of the people our protagonist meets along the way. The good, the bad and the ugly do not really apply in this case. It was more the well-meaning, the determined, the foolhardy. Truly an insightful look at how people might behave and react to a world were 99% of the people have gone blind. How do you come to grips with the realization that so many people need help and you can only do so much? 

I rather liked the author's use of the 1st person narration in this story as well.  He keeps in mind that the protagonist will only know so much and thus will only be able to share that information with the reader.  For most of the book the source of the comet-light show that blinds everyone is left a mystery.  Not until the last quarter of the book do we get a plausible and shocking scenario that makes one really wonder about an accidental man-made disaster.

The story can be shocking at times, but also insightful and thought provoking. And Wyndham always allows hope to exist, which helps through the darker parts of the story. I can see why it is considered a classic.


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