My Kickstarter Is Not Looking Well, But "THE SHIP" Will Still Be Coming In...

Well, with 2 weeks left, it looks like my Kickstarter is going to fail.  Really bad timing on my part I'm afraid.  I've gotten a number of compliments on the video I did for it.  But, it just wasn't the right time to do something like this.

So what's going to happen if it fails?  Simple, I've assembled some more people I can trust to help me edit the upcoming book ourselves.  My current Beta-readers are telling me they've seen a big improvement in my writing style compared to my first novel.  They say I've matured and the editing problems they've seen are much fewer.  I seemed to have learned a lot from my first go and they are still reading the first draft.  So, that says a lot I think.

One of them is a published author and is going to come and stay with us in January and we're really going to go over the entire 2nd book and do some serious editing together.  I hope the final result will be really pleasing to all.

To the editor I had lined up, all I can say is.  We'll see what happens on the next one.  I still want to work with you, but finances are just not going to let it happen just yet.  Fingers crossed that the efforts me and my team put in help to make "The Ship" a big success.

In the meantime, here's the link for the Kickstarter.  After all there's still 2 weeks left.  If it happens great, if it doesn't, at least you all know I have a back up plan.  Enjoy the holiday season everyone.


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