New Entry On "The Vampyre Blogs--Private Edition"

I changed the name of my vampyre blog, because the name would be exactly the same as the book's title.  I wanted to keep the two similar but not identical.  Some people might get confused, so I decided to add the words "Private Edition" which is actually appropriate.  Since none of the entries appearing on that blog will be showing up in the actual novel, it seemed appropriate.

Readers just wind up getting a bit of free background info on the characters, as well as scenes that can be considered free short-stories.  

I've already decided that since that blog has already had over 400 views in the month and a half that it was put up, I will continue to keep it going even after the novel comes out in December of this year.  I find I enjoy doing these little shorts about my vampyre and the people who's lives touch his.

I also plan on doing more novels with him, if the first one does well.  

So in the meantime, come see what's been happening at his dance club "The Crypt".  There's always something going on down there, be it big or small.  The doors are open, and you're invited...


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