Things Are Coming Along Nicely Here...

As you all know this blog has been undergoing a serious renovation for the past week. The reason for this is the fact that I recently looked over some of our past entries found that this site contained well over 350 posts, which cover a variety of subjects from thoughts on writing, tips, book reviews, updates about our own works, etc.

I then thought about our readers, especially those who were new to the blog, and how difficult it would be to try and find a particular post or topic while wading through that many posts which are pretty much spread willy-nilly throughout the blog. Some semblance of order was needed to make things easier for all. 

So I set about adding menu buttons and linking specific posts to each in order to make the site easier to navigate. To date, the following menu selections are up and running:

(main blog)

"The Authors" 
(aka an "About Us" page) 

"Para-Earth Books" 
(synopsis of our books and links to where you can get them)

"What We've Been Reading" 
(links to all the books we've reviewed by other authors)

However there are still some buttons that are not up and running yet.

"About Writing and Self-Publishing" 
(this is where you'll find links to posts about specific topics, along with our experiences and thoughts on the writing process)

(what others are saying about our books)

and finally

"Coming Soon"
(It pretty much speaks for itself)

Again, there are over 350 posts to sort and get links established, so please be patient.  I can safely say that all this reworking of the blog has given me ideas for at least several entries to share with you all in the near future.  In the meantime, please try the buttons out and give us some feedback on what you think of the new layout.  Is it helpful?  Does it make things easier to find?

Finally, we want to let you know that we have big plans for this blog and that other new features will be added in the coming months including videos, and possibly some audio-readings as well.  So please bear with us as this will take a little while, especially as we're moving into a new apartment which is taking up a lot of our time.  But we'll try to keep posting new things here in the meantime.  We have a little cache of entries which we'll be parceling out to keep you all amused.  

So stay tuned and keep writing!


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