Book Review: Ripley Patton's "Ghost Hand"

Blogger’s Note: I know I promised the second entry about things I learned about putting together an anthology, but the bug we’ve been fighting turned into bronchitis, possibly bordering on pneumonia. So we’re both on heavy antibiotics which does not make for very sensible thinking or analyzing, much less writing. So please bear with us and hope you enjoy this latest book review. We hope to be back in the saddle very soon. Thank you.

"Ghost Hand" is a thrilling ride into a modern day reality, so like our everyday one, but with a twist... some people have 'Ghost Limbs'. It feels like the author took the concept of 'phantom limb syndrome', when someone suffers the loss of a limb yet still feels the missing appendage, and then made it into something more tangible in a unique way. The characters are born with what would have been a missing limb, except the limb IS there, only it's glowing and almost intangible at times. And sometimes, they seem to have a mind of their own.

Our heroine, Olivia is one of them. She has a 'Ghost Hand'. She doesn't know how or why she is this way. Nor does she know what it can do. But both she and the reader are about to find out.

The author does a wonderful job of bringing the characters (both good and bad) to life and making them so real and human. The prejudice against those with PSS limbs, almost harkens back to the days of the Salem Witch trials. But seeking the destruction of those like Olivia, is only the goal of some of the enemy. There are others, higher up in the ranks, who have other plans for Olivia and her friends. And we are just beginning to learn what those plans might be in this book.

Intrigue, action, tension, suspicion, budding romance, are just a few of the things that make this a real page turner and hard to put down.  But what makes me even more excited is that this is just the beginning. More installments of this series are on the way and I for one can hardly wait.

If you're looking for a paranormal thriller, this is one you don't want to pass up.

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