Final Installment of "My Setting Is Changing"

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor because my cell phone will only allow me to e-mail videos only once and I accidentally lost all of them on my laptop.  So I just sent all the vids to YouTube and edited the puppy here (

Anyway, this is the finale about my setting changing.  I know you all have been supportive and maybe wondering a little bit about why I chose to do this series. Well here's the answer, setting affects people.  Especially it affects your characters.  Their drives, dreams, motivations, how they feel (excitement, boredom, anger, resentment, etc.)  And changing settings can have a huge impact on them and what choices they make with their lives and how they react to it.  You've seen me go through a range of emotions and seen some parts about me I've never revealed to you before (like saying goodbye to a place and thanking it for all it had done for us).  Can a place be sentient or aware?  I like to think so.  But you would've never known about it until this video.  So give more thought about the settings in your writing and how it affects your characters and their world views.  And make sure there is some interaction between them and their setting you can wind up with some powerful ideas you never thought about before.  Thanks for watching.

My next video will be about my new setting and the joys of unpacking.  And trying to find where some of our stuff landed up when we need it.  Take care and thanks again.


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